Central Banks

Central banks manage money supply and regulate activities of commercial banks in a country. Managing the stability of the banking system has been a growing challenge for central banks in recent times. There is an increasing need to use more sophisticated IT systems to manage risks from bonds, money market and foreign exchange transactions effectively while also handling front to back office operations cost effectively. Our team has worked closely with central banking clients to carry out an assessment of their existing situation, identify where problems exist and recommend solutions for them.

Investment banking has always been a dynamic and complex environment where speed to market has been important. With the regulatory changes in most parts of the world, it has become more challenging to manage opportunities and costs. To keep pace with developments, banks have to continually reassess processes and systems. Our team has experience delivering solutions using agile and lean methodologies to ensure that trading IT systems keep up with business demands.

Investment Banks


Energy markets are highly competitive and recent trends such as the increase of shale gas and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) capacities, improvements in renewable energy technology, smart grids have meant that electricity markets are evolving at a rapid pace. To prosper in this environment, suppliers must adapt processes, become more agile and develop new approaches to cater to a dynamic and evolving environment. We have partnered with clients to formulate their IT strategy and delivery roadmap based on the IT capability model to ensure that IT is aligned with business.

Most commodities trading houses operate round the clock and are becoming more dynamic than ever before. Technology can unlock new opportunities, manage risk and improve performance. Our consultants have years of experience in trading and risk management operations, enabling them to deliver a service tailor made to meet the businesses specific requirements.

We provide best-in-class technical, trading and risk management consulting to commodity traders, producers and asset managers around the world dealing with Energy and Metals commodities.

Commodity trading houses​

Hedge funds​

Hedge Funds face an increasingly demanding environment including increased regulatory scrutiny, demand for more sophisticated products, market volatility and margin erosion. To succeed, they must become more dynamic and efficient and embrace the latest technological solutions.

Our team has extensive experience in commodity and capital markets, and technologies used in this space. This helps them provide bespoke ongoing support in reviewing systems, identifying potential gaps, selecting vendors and improving processes within the organization. Our ability to accurately assess the challenges hedge funds face allows us to develop solutions which work for the organisation’s structure, challenges, and goals. 

We work with corporate treasury and finance teams to understand their business needs around commodity, FX, interest rate risk management and cashflow planning. We provide high-quality consulting that is backed up by strong technical expertise, which helps us drive sustainable change within your organisation. We have years of experience working with some of the largest blue-chip corporates in the world.



Advancements in areas such as Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain technology, Machine Learning and AI are beginning to present novel and unique use cases that could transform and disrupt the commodity trading marketplace. With deep experience in the commodity industry and commodity technologies, FinTark can help start-ups understand the current marketplace and help position their products or solutions with a broader market perspective in mind.

The environment for new businesses has always been demanding which is why half typically fail to last more than five years. Our team has worked with companies of all sizes, from major corporations to small early stage start-ups.