Trading and Risk Management Advisory​

We work with variety of institutions in different industries dealing with commodity and capital markets helping them maximise efficiency, manage compliance and identify risks.
Our team can evaluate end to end trade processes, facilitating control and appropriate separation of tasks. We can identify areas of weakness and provide advice about improving processes, increasing oversight and providing superior data management.
Technology can improve business processes, increase data visibility and help improve trading and risk management processes. However, integrating it with existing systems can be challenging and it may also expose you up to additional risks.
Our team has extensive real-world experience in trading and risk management and can help implement transformational change throughout your organisation while minimising risks.

Auditing and reporting are high on the agenda for corporates and financial institutions and the consequences for getting it wrong can be serious. Our expert team provides full support throughout the auditing process to not only fulfil compliance requirements but also to ensure systems and processes are as good as they can be.

As part of our service, we assess the current situation, identify potential problems and suggest possible improvements. Our team has extensive experience working in trading, quality assurance and technology. We combine these to offer a service tailored to the demands of financial institutions.

Audit support


Our team of consultants offer market-leading experience in valuation of commodity assets and complex bespoke contracts.

We’ll offer a multistage consultation in which we’ll analyse the current model, test data inputs and assess the strengths and weaknesses of the current system before making recommendations for how it can be improved.

Among the services we offer are:

  • Validate financial models (internal and third party): A full evaluation of current financial models.
  • Review of your pricing model: Stress testing of current pricing models.
  • Assess data sources and inputs: Assess data sources and look for weaknesses.
  • Cash flow and prepayment modelling: Our in depth experience in cashflow and prepayment modelling help us analyse the intrinsic value of any assets.  

At every stage, our expert team will provide support and consultation to develop a more accurate and reliable valuation model which helps make better decisions based on the most accurate valuation information.

Our consultants at Fintark have extensive experience in process modelling and process evaluation. Working closely with the various parts of your organisation, we can assess existing structures, identify potential gaps and help you implement interdependent processes and structures to manage complex financial instruments.

We’ll support you in implementing accounting and finance systems and developing enterprise wide architecture to manage the complexities of modern finance.

New technologies often require a fresh approach to business processes. Our extensive experience in finance and cutting-edge technological systems enable us to implement new processes to achieve effective integration of advanced technological systems.

Business Process redesign​

System/Vendor Selection ​

The fintech sector is growing rapidly with a wide range of providers offering a host of different solutions. Identifying the best system or vendor for a business can be challenging.

Our team offers a unique combination of technical expertise and real-world experience in trading and risk management. We work with financial institutions helping them to assess their needs and select the best system from the right vendor.

Technological evaluation

Our service starts with an independent review of the current systems and business requirements. We can identify any gaps and any solutions which exist which can fill them. Once we have analysed the position and requirements, we can then develop a strategic technology plan matching available systems to the specific requirements.

Vendor selection

Our extensive market knowledge enables us to identify which solutions are available and which suppliers can provide the best service for an organisation. This includes a risk assessment of each vendor and vendor improvement programmes which help you unlock areas of potential improvement in all your systems.

This can be particularly important as many businesses fail to extract the maximum value from their solutions.

Technology is crucial to the performance of today’s modern financial institutions. Our consultants can work with you to ensure that new technology is an asset rather than a liability.

Using their extensive knowledge of cutting-edge technology as well as trading and risk management solutions they can provide a bespoke service tailored to the specific challenges of a business. They will work closely with the users to understand how the business works, and what solutions can help you achieve the business objectives.

Our expert team has years of experience working with corporates and financial institutions around the world. Drawing on all that experience, they can help implement technological change, harness data, improve systems and design processes to ensure you get the most out of new systems and solutions.


Data management and AI

In modern business, big data and artificial intelligence are unlocking a world of new opportunities. However, a combination of regulations, rising cybercrime and legacy systems can hinder innovation. Our expertise in data management, digital implementation and cutting-edge technologies such as AI can help overcome these obstacles and deploy technology which creates fresh business opportunities while protecting the clients and their customers. Data management In the age of big data and GDPR, data management is more important than ever. Technology allows financial institutions to harness the power of data to drive insights, improve customer service, drive growth and manage risk. However, data protection legislation and the rise of cyber crime mean the pressure is on to ensure all data is kept safe, secure and complies with all relevant regulations. Many financial institutions lack the confidence in their processes and systems to unlock the full potential of data. Our experts offer extensive experience across data management including:
  • Data sourcing and warehousing.
  • Quality control and governance.
  • Integration of data.
  • Database Management.
  • Implementation of data strategies.
At every stage, we can provide consultation about how data can unlock new opportunities for the business while ensuring all personal information about your suppliers, partners and customers is kept safe. Artificial intelligence AI, machine learning and automation represent the future of finance. They can help you to unlock hidden insights, manage risk, engage with customers and improve performance. Here are just some of the ways it can enhance your business:
  • Trading: Algorithmic trading can execute trades more quickly and spot trends which human operatives might miss.
  • Cyber security: Automated systems can analyse attacks either preventing them entirely or alerting you more quickly to a breach.
  • Customer support: Automated chatbots can answer customer queries more quickly and free up your operatives.

A number of Trading and risk management application vendors have requirements around their customers upgrading the platforms to the latest versions periodically.

These upgrades typically comprise of a small project that needs to be executed efficiently and with minimal business impact.

FinTark’s team help clients with these upgrade projects during every stage of the process. The ideal version of the vendor platform is identified based on the enhancements being delivered by it and the clients needs. A detailed set of test cases are prepared if they do not already exist. These are executed on the new and current version to ensure consistency of results. When discrepancies are identified remediation is carried out. In addition, the client business and IT users are educated on the new features of the platform that can add value for them.

Platform Upgrades

Specialised Application Support​

Application support for a trading business requires a specialised skillset and passionate individuals that understand the business.

With an in-depth understanding of the business processes and technical priorities that is typical of a trading operation, we can provide high quality of service to our customers. Our team has first-hand experience in supporting high pressure trading environments and understand how to prioritise tasks that have a significant business impact.

For application support to be successful we believe that there are several critical success factors. We see them as:

  • In depth understanding of the business
  • Effective business engagement
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Effective backlog management